$29 initial visit for signing up with our Freedom Lawn Program

The majority of lawns in our area of southwest Florida consist of Saint Augustine grass. This turf thrives in high temperatures. Because of this we often find it in coastal climates from the Carolinas to Florida, Texas and California. Even though this grass type is ideal for the Fort Myers, Punta Gorda and North Port areas, certain care is needed to maintain the lush, green, St. Augustine lawn you desire.

No matter what kind of grass you may have, or the condition that it currently is in, we can help!

Give us a call today or complete the form below for a FREE no obligation annual quote for your house on our annual lawn care program. When you sign up for our Freedom Lawn Program, you get your first visit for only $29.00! (Requires annual plan. Special price is for the first application only on residential property and applies to lawns up to 5,000 square feet. For yards larger than 5,000 square feet please contact us for your custom price.)

We have over 30 years experience right here in Southwest Florida treating and preventing pests at your property. We currently serve customers in Lee, Charlotte, and Sarasota Counties.